What You Can Do

What you Can Do:

1. Register to Vote

2. Double-check your voter-registration status 

3. Register to receive a ballot by mail

4. Look up when your state mails out ballots – and request one ASAP.

5. Know your local election dates and deadlines

6. Vote Early


7. If you chose to vote by mail, return the ballot asap by Mail or drop box. Given slow-downs with the post office, mail your ballot at least 10 days before Election Day


8. Fill out your ballot, and follow instructions exactly


9. Find your polling place:

10. Check with your friends and family that they have a plan to vote, including a ride.


11. Stay in line at the polls — you are legally allowed to vote as long as you’re in line by the time the polls close


12. Become a poll worker

13. Be patient – we probably won’t know results on Election Night, be ready to wait.