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The Record Herald: The American people, not politicians, must continue to choose the president

The United States prides itself as the world’s longest standing democracy, with more than 200 years of having elections choose our leaders and power peacefully transferred from president to president, regardless of party. This source of national pride, however, should not be taken for granted. Our very system of government, starting with letting the people…
Jonathan Winer
November 14, 2021
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Washington Spectator: Road Map for a Constitutional Coup: The Republican Plan for Legislative Nullification of the Popular Vote for President

It has now become clear that the efforts of Donald Trump and his supporters to overturn the 2020 elections were a multi-front attack. The newest revelations have further detailed the scheme devised by conservative lawyer John Eastman to convince Vice President Pence to overturn the election results on January 6, 2021, the day the House and Senate…
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The Century Foundation: The Truth Behind the Results of the Maricopa County Election Audit

This past Friday, September 24, the result of the so-called “audit” of the election results in Maricopa County by the Republican Majority in the Arizona Senate was finally announced. Though clearly initiated in bad faith and funded with the purpose of finding support for The Big Lie that the election was “stolen” from former President…
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POLITICO: Why Trump’s Chaos Requires New Guardrails on Biden

Richard Gephardt is a former congressman from Missouri and House majority leader. Gary Hart is a former senator from Colorado. Joel McCleary and Mark Medish served at the White House under Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, respectively. All four are members of Keep Our Republic, a civic education organization. The upheaval of the past…
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NEWSWEEK: Holding Lawyers to Account Part 2

A month before last November's election, we wrote a column imploring state bars overseeing the licensing of lawyers to make clear to all attorneys involved in the election process not to file frivolous claims intended to undermine the integrity of election results. We were quite certain that would be what lawyers acting on behalf of former President Donald…
Tim Wirth and Tom Rogers
September 14, 2021