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Campaign Legal Center: Statement by Republican Trevor Potter on Attempts to Undermine the Integrity of the 2020 Election

Americans should ignore the anxiety-inducing rhetoric of this evening’s news conference and remember President Trump lacks legal authority to circumvent our nation’s election procedures WASHINGTON – Trevor Potter, President of Campaign Legal Center (CLC), a Republican former Chairman of the Federal Election Commission, and former General Counsel to John McCain’s presidential campaigns, released the following statement…
Keep Our Republic Staff
November 6, 2020
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The Wall Street Journal: Lawyers Prepare for Court Battles in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin

The Republican and Democratic parties have poured legal resources into three swing states where litigation could slow the tally of millions of mail-in ballots Democrats, Republicans and voting-rights groups are readying for postelection legal battles in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin—closely contested states where the late tallying of absentee ballots could result in litigation. The Trump…
Deanna Paul
October 31, 2020
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Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Wisconsin should not tolerate illegal private militia groups

Earlier this month, federal and state authorities charged 13 members of a private militia with plotting to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. According to the federal criminal complaint, they laid the groundwork for their scheme in Cambria, Wis., where they conducted firearms training, combat drills, and attempted to create an improvised explosive device. Had the…
Jonathan Backer
October 18, 2020
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Harper’s Magazine: The Enemies Briefcase

A few hours before the inauguration ceremony, the prospective president receives an elaborate and highly classified briefing on the means and procedures for blowing up the world with a nuclear attack, a rite of passage that a former official described as “a sobering moment.” Secret though it may be, we are at least aware that…
Andrew Cockburn
October 15, 2020