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Liza Goitein: Emergency Powers Salon Video

Rule by Emergency Powers By Liza Goitein The history of tyranny is the history of emergency powers. Perhaps the most infamous example is Adolf Hitler’s invocation of emergency powers to dissolve the German legislature and destroy the German Republic. I want to thank my good friend and salon member Tim Wirth for sounding the emergency…
Liza Goitein
March 13, 2021
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The New York Times: Trump’s Legal Farce Is Having Tragic Results

Even as the campaign lawsuits brought by President Trump over the 2020 election enter their death throes, many people continue to worry that Mr. Trump will find three Republican legislatures to magically snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. They are concerned that he will pull off an antidemocratic hat trick through maneuvers like delaying recounts in…
Richard L. Hasen
November 23, 2020
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Wall Street Journal: Trump Campaign Wants States to Override Electoral Votes for Biden. Is That Possible?

The Trump campaign is pursuing a strategy to have Republican-run legislatures in battleground states override results favoring President-elect Joe Biden, in an unprecedented bid to alter the outcome of the election. The effort has targeted states such as Michigan, where Mr. Biden is ahead by 156,000 votes but the legislature is controlled by Republicans. So…
Deanna Paul
November 21, 2020