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KOR in the News

Gary Hart: The Cure at Troy

Seamus Heaney, Nobel Prize poet laureate, and late-in-life classicist, translated a play by Sophocles entitled Philoctetes.  He called it The Cure at Troy. It is the story of a Greek warrior en route to Troy to join his countrymen in their epic siege at Troy.  Their ship stopped at a small island on the way…
Gary Hart
November 3, 2020
Constitution and GavelKOR in the News

The Boston Globe: We’re a bipartisan group of former leaders who have joined forces to protect our democracy

More than 40 former congressional leaders, former Cabinet secretaries, retired military officials, and leaders of civic organizations have formed the bipartisan National Council on Election Integrity to ensure a democratic outcome to the 2020 election.  A growing number of Americans understand that our magnificent experiment in democracy is under threat. Participating in the November presidential…
United States Capitol BuildingKOR in the News

USA TODAY: Fair elections in 2020 are under attack. Here’s how we can protect the vote.

The public should be prepared for the fact that they likely won’t know the winner of the presidency on election night as absentee counting may take several days to complete. The freedom to vote is a foundation of our democracy. Preserving it depends on Americans being able to vote, knowing their vote will be counted and having…