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KOR in the News

Democracy and Voter Suppression

One of the several wars left over by the Trump administration and the recent 2020 election is the explosion of initiatives, largely in red State legislatures, to restrict voting by limiting or eliminating absentee or mail-in ballots, requiring multiple identification documents, restricting voting hours and days, and generally discouraging people from voting. This is the…
Gary Hart
March 26, 2021
KOR in the News

The Atlantic: Investigate Him

Much of the discussion right now about how to hold President Donald Trump accountable for his role in the attack on the Capitol last week is focused on impeachment and the Twenty-Fifth Amendment. But criminal accountability is another option, and a criminal investigation is warranted on the publicly known facts. To briefly review: In tweets…
KOR in the News

Newsweek: The Electoral College Nightmare That Could Have Happened As an observer who spent a lot of time over the last six months raising awareness of the worst way a close election could play out—with the Trump campaign challenging election results by attempting to overturn a Biden Electoral College victory—the good news out of this election is that very dark scenario has not…
Tom Rogers
December 5, 2020
KOR in the News

Just Security: Navigating a Contested Election, the Electoral Count Act and 12th Amendment: How to Ensure a Fully Counted Outcome

This article was conceived well prior to its publication date of October 7, 2020. It has been made available to political leaders, but was held back from general distribution in deference to a concern that it might discourage the vote or give a patina of legitimacy to the disruptive tactics discussed. Regrettably, the conduct of…
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CBS News’ Weekend Roundup with Alison Keyes

We begin with the Covid-19 pandemic as the daily number of new coronavirus cases passes the 150-thousand mark for the first time. CBS's David Begnaud with more. CBS News Medical Contributor Dr. David Agus joins Allison to speak about exciting Covid-19 medical advances this week, including a new vaccine from Pfizer the company says is…
Keep Our Republic Staff
November 13, 2020