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United States Capitol BuildingKOR in the News

Just Security: January 6th Report Exposes Ongoing, Converging Threat of Anti-Democracy Schemes and Paramilitary Violence

Editor’s note: To hear a conversation with Mary McCord and Andrew Weissmann about paths to reform after the January 6th report, including addressing paramilitary groups, listen to the Just Security podcast here. Two years ago, when rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol and ruptured our country’s tradition of the peaceful transfer of power, images of the mob’s extremism…
KOR in the News The Independent State Doctrine May Soon Be Adopted by the Supreme Court— Frightening!

After the unrelenting crusade by election deniers to overturn the 2020 election, which reached its low point, if not its end, with the January 6 riot, many Americans concerned about our democracy approached the 2022 midterms with trepidation. They breathed a sigh of relief as voters in key states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Arizona rejected…
Ari Mittleman
December 6, 2022
KOR in the News

City & State Pennsylvania: Supreme Court case on state legislatures could have ‘devastating consequences’

This week the Supreme Court of the United States is hearing Moore v. Harper, a case with potentially devastating consequences for our democracy. In that case the Court is considering whether to adopt the “independent state legislature” theory to interpret the election clauses of the U.S. Constitution. The gist of this theory is that since…
Jonathan Winer
December 5, 2022
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Newsweek: Are We ‘One Nation Indivisible,’ or Doomed to ‘Divided We Fall’? | Opinion

Over the last several years many have bemoaned the plague of extraordinarily deep partisan divides spreading across the country, fraying our unity, undermining social trust, and tearing at our democracy. At first blush, the midterm results offer two contrasting takeaways about this: the divides seem a little less intense, yet the extremist views that drive…
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Pennsylvania Capital-Star: On Tuesday, don’t forget to thank the election workers who make democracy possible | Opinion

Local election workers and volunteers who work the polls, count the votes and otherwise make sure our elections are fair and secure have long been unheralded and underappreciated. But the importance of their work and the challenges they face have never been fully recognized. Misinformation and conspiracy theories propagated in recent years, and particularly since…
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA skyline on the Susquehanna RiverKOR in the News

Pennsylvania Capital-Star: Pa. elections likely to generate a new round of lawsuits over mail-in ballots, retired judges say

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s evenly divided result in the latest case seeking clarity on vote-by-mail rules is a set up for “utter chaos” after polls close in the midterm elections next week, retired federal Judge John E. Jones said. In a Zoom call with reporters Wednesday, Jones and two more retired federal judges from across…
Peter Hall
November 2, 2022