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Ruling Sends Message that Misinformation in Electoral Process has Consequences

WASHINGTON, DC – In light of today’s ruling from U.S. District Court Judge Beryl Howell finding that Rudy Giuliani is liable for defaming two Georgia election workers, Keep Our Republic (KOR) applauds the legal vindication of truth and accountability in our democratic processes. The ruling sends a clear message: lies and misinformation about election workers and our voting system have consequences, and those who seek to undermine our electoral process will be held legally accountable.

KOR Wisconsin State Director, former Republican State Senate Chairwoman and Chippewa County Clerk Kathy Bernier, stated, “Today’s ruling is a victory for truth and a blow against the disinformation that threatens our democracy. Election workers are the backbone of our democratic system – harassing them is not only unacceptable but corrosive to the very foundation of our republic. It’s critical to understand that our voting system is robust: no one person is in charge of the ballots; there are many eyes on ballots throughout the entire process to safeguard them. That’s why it is crucial that every American understands the electoral process – clarity about the voting process will help stop misinformation from spreading.”

KOR Executive Director Ari Mittleman emphasized, “Ahead of the upcoming 2024 election cycle, it’s more important than ever to combat misinformation that threatens our democratic institutions. KOR is committed to a non-partisan, grassroots approach to safeguarding our democracy, and we’re taking proactive steps at the local level. KOR aims to rebuild trust among voters by educating our fellow citizens and providing accurate information in communities about the integrity and reliability of our voting system. Through a series of bipartisan events, our Wisconsin Advisory Council is empowering leaders and citizens with the factual knowledge they need.”