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“A Republic, If We Can Keep It.”

Sell not liberty to purchase power.

Ben Franklin Signature

Our Mission

Keep Our Republic is a non-partisan civic education organization dedicated to:
  • Preserving a republic of laws
  • Strengthening the checks & balances of our democratic operating system
  • Raising awareness of emerging risks to the electoral process that is so vital to America’s liberty and prosperity
  • Working at national and state levels to mitigate these risks by conducting research, publishing our ideas and promoting dialogue
  • Coordinating closely with other civic groups to help promote trust in the strength of our republic and its institutions

Our Pledge

At the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787, Ben Franklin was asked by passersby about what kind of political system we would have and he reportedly replied: “A Republic, if you can keep it.”
We pledge to keep it.

Therefore, we rededicate ourselves to uphold the following basic principles, and we call on our fellow citizens to do the same:

Let every eligible voter vote.
Let every vote be counted.
Let the electoral count stand.

Respect the voice of the people in each state as expressed in the popular vote.

Quotes from Our Leaders

What We Are Reading

KOR in the News

Democracy faces test with 2024 election

FIFTY YEARS AGO, I was first elected to Congress, a beneficiary of voter backlash against the chaos of the previous decade that had included an unpopular war, widespread protests, multiple assassinations, and a presidential resignation. The new Congress passed urgently needed electoral reforms that helped our nation survive for another five decades. The 2024 presidential election will…
Tim Wirth
August 26, 2023
KOR in the News

Ahead of First GOP Debate, Keep Our Republic Calls On All Candidates To Affirm 2020 Election Results

Leading WI Republicans and KOR Members Advocate for Dialogue and Trust in Democracy Ahead of 2024 Election Cycle MILWAUKEE, WI - As the nation’s attention turns to the upcoming Republican presidential debate in Milwaukee, Keep Our Republic (KOR) urges all participants, whether on stage or not, to publicly affirm two crucial points: 1) Joe Biden won…
Constitution and GavelKOR in the News

Wake-up, America!

Remarks by Timothy E. Wirth, July 2023 Boulder, Colorado Fifty years ago I was first elected to Congress, a beneficiary of voter backlash against the chaos of the previous decade. Our country had just been through a significant stress test: could our governing structures withstand the pressures of an unpopular war, widespread anti-war protests, RFK…
Tim Wirth
July 31, 2023
Tom Corbett

Former Governor Tom Corbett: 2020 election wasn’t stolen. We all must fight against the Big Lie.

“All of us — Republicans, Democrats, and Independents — must step up our involvement to protect our elections and our democracy. Become a poll worker on election day, or volunteer for voter assistance hotlines or other programs that help people exercise their right to vote. Learn election basics and defend our elections and our democratic institutions, whether in community discussions, online, or just among your friends. Spread accurate information and respond — respectfully but factually — to misinformation or misunderstanding about our elections.”

Read Governor Corbett's Full Op-Ed Here

Introducing the If We Can Keep It Podcast

Episode 1: “Never Questioned, Now Crucial: The Integrity Of Our Elections”

The inaugural episode of If We Can Keep It features a candid conversation with former Congressman and House Majority Leader Richard “Dick” Gephardt. He reveals that before the 2020 election he never was worried about the state of American democracy, “I ran for Congress 14 times, and it never crossed my mind in all those elections that the election would not be fair and honest.”

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Promoting Bipartisan Solutions to Protect Our Democracy

Listen to Keep Our Republic Michigan Advisory Council Member and former Congressman David Trott discuss what’s at stake for our democracy and Keep Our Republic’s work ahead of the 2024 presidential election.

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