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A Republic, If We Can Keep It.

“Sell not…liberty to purchase power.”

Ben Franklin Signature

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    Our Mission

    Keep Our Republic is a non-partisan civic education organization dedicated to:
    • Preserving a republic of laws
    • Strengthening the checks & balances of our democratic operating system
    • Raising awareness of emerging risks to the electoral process that is so vital to America’s liberty and prosperity
    • Working at national and state levels to mitigate these risks by conducting research, publishing our ideas and promoting dialogue
    • Coordinating closely with other civic groups to help promote trust in the strength of our republic and its institutions

    Our Pledge

    At the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787, Ben Franklin was asked by passersby about what kind of political system we would have and he reportedly replied: “A Republic, if you can keep it.”
    We pledge to keep it.

    Therefore, we rededicate ourselves to uphold the following basic principles, and we call on our fellow citizens to do the same:

    Let every eligible voter vote.
    Let every vote be counted.
    Let the electoral count stand.

    Respect the voice of the people in each state as expressed in the popular vote.

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    KOR in the News

    Pennsylvania Capital-Star: On Tuesday, don’t forget to thank the election workers who make democracy possible | Opinion

    Local election workers and volunteers who work the polls, count the votes and otherwise make sure our elections are fair and secure have long been unheralded and underappreciated. But the importance of their work and the challenges they face have never been fully recognized. Misinformation and conspiracy theories propagated in recent years, and particularly since…
    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA skyline on the Susquehanna RiverKOR in the News

    Pennsylvania Capital-Star: Pa. elections likely to generate a new round of lawsuits over mail-in ballots, retired judges say

    The Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s evenly divided result in the latest case seeking clarity on vote-by-mail rules is a set up for “utter chaos” after polls close in the midterm elections next week, retired federal Judge John E. Jones said. In a Zoom call with reporters Wednesday, Jones and two more retired federal judges from across…
    Peter Hall
    November 2, 2022

    The Unconventional Threat Podcast

    Season 2 Episode 1

    A Shadow Falls on Our Democracy

    In the first episode of Season 2 of Unconventional Threat, hosts Jonathan Winer and Peter Eisner uncover efforts by extremists to gain control of our government through unconstitutional methods.

    With a focus on the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Winer and Eisner reveal the unethical tactics being used across the country by forces opposed to fair and impartial elections in order to execute their strategies of