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We aim to discover, highlight and help to prevent an array of extraordinary threats to American democracy, strengthen democratic guardrails, and educate the public before it is too late. Our civic creed is: Let all citizens vote. Let all votes be counted. Let the count stand.

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    Crisis at the Capitol

    In this very special episode of Unconventional Threat, Executive Producer Paul Woodhull joins hosts Jonathan Winer and Peter Eisner to discuss the ransacking of the Capitol Building by American terrorists.

    The discussion centers on Donald Trump’s complicity in the insurrection that resulted in multiple deaths.

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    Constitution and Gavel
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    The Power of Ideas by Gary Hart

    The history of ideas suggests that ideas with moral authority prevail in the long run over those that propagandize power and ruthlessness. All men are created equal prevailed against ownership of men by men. Democracy prevailed over fascism and communism.  The ideal of democracy prevailed in ancient Athens over authoritarian Sparta. The Roman republic prevailed…
    Donald Trump
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    PennLive: America needs real leadership to save our democracy before it’s too late

    By Mary B. McCord Nearly a year after the 2020 election and more than 10 months from the Jan. 6 insurrection, our nation continues to experience an alarming increase in intimidation and threats of violence. The window is closing for leaders across the political spectrum to reject this assault on our democratic processes before it…
    KOR in the News

    Just Security: Reopen the Obstruction of Justice Case Against Trump

    By Mark Medish and Jonathan M. Winer October 14, 2021 A key item in Attorney General Merrick Garland’s inbox is gathering dust: Volume 2 of the report by Special Counsel Robert Mueller , whose team investigated possible obstruction of justice by Donald Trump as president. Mueller originally submitted the report in March 2019 to Trump’s Attorney General William Barr,…