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A Republic, If We Can Keep It.

“Sell not…liberty to purchase power.”

Ben Franklin Signature

Our Mission

Keep Our Republic is a non-partisan civic education organization dedicated to:
  • Preserving a republic of laws
  • Strengthening the checks & balances of our democratic operating system
  • Raising awareness of emerging risks to the electoral process that is so vital to America’s liberty and prosperity
  • Working at national and state levels to mitigate these risks by conducting research, publishing our ideas and promoting dialogue
  • Coordinating closely with other civic groups to help promote trust in the strength of our republic and its institutions

Our Pledge

At the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787, Ben Franklin was asked by passersby about what kind of political system we would have and he reportedly replied: “A Republic, if you can keep it.”
We pledge to keep it.

Therefore, we rededicate ourselves to uphold the following basic principles, and we call on our fellow citizens to do the same:

Let every eligible voter vote.
Let every vote be counted.
Let the electoral count stand.

Respect the voice of the people in each state as expressed in the popular vote.

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KOR in the News

The Hill: Time for President Biden to push emergency powers reform

The Jan. 6 Committee hearings that began last week will highlight the many ways in which Donald Trump’s presidency exposed the fragility of our democracy. Indeed, Congress has been considering major reform packages to shore up democracy’s guardrails by codifying restraints on executive power. The White House has applauded these efforts, but it’s time for President Biden to ramp up support. A rare…
Washington, DC, USA,Supreme CourtKOR in the News

Project Syndicate: America’s Post-Roe Constitutional Abyss

The states’ rights theory embraced by slaveholding states before the US Civil War and later used to defend racial segregation is again threatening civil rights and the underpinnings of the American state. The doctrine is part of a right-wing legal insurgency attacking everything from federal regulation to the electoral system. WASHINGTON, DC – The old…
Mark Medish
May 11, 2022
KOR in the News

CNN Opinion: Most Americans don’t know about these secret presidential powers

The January 6 House Select Committee is steadily peeling back the layers of deceit and deception practiced by those who planned or participated in the effort to overturn the 2020 US presidential election. During its investigation, the committee has discovered a draft of a presidential executive order directing former President Donald Trump's defense secretary to "seize, collect, retain and…

The Unconventional Threat Podcast

Season 2 Episode 1

A Shadow Falls on Our Democracy

In the first episode of Season 2 of Unconventional Threat, hosts Jonathan Winer and Peter Eisner uncover efforts by extremists to gain control of our government through unconstitutional methods.

With a focus on the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Winer and Eisner reveal the unethical tactics being used across the country by forces opposed to fair and impartial elections in order to execute their strategies of