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Washington Post: What will happen if there are millions of votes to be counted on Election Night? They’ll count the votes.

Speaking at a news briefing on Friday, President Trump again raised the specter that Americans might not know who won the presidential election by the time they go to bed on Nov. 3.  

Fair elections in 2020 are under attack. Here’s how we can protect the vote.

The public should be prepared for the fact that they likely won’t know the winner of the presidency on election night as absentee counting may take several days to complete. Dick Gephardt, Trevor Potter and Tim Wirth September 4, 2020 The freedom to vote is a foundation of our democracy. Preserving it depends on Americans being able…

Who Gets to Vote in Florida?

With the election hanging in the balance, Republican leaders continue a long fight over voting rights. By Dexter Filkins August 31, 2020 Betty Riddle grew up in Sarasota, Florida, in a segregated neighborhood that people back in the nineteen-sixties called Black Bottom. She was raised by her mother, Idella, in a wooden house on Central Avenue. When…