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    Crisis at the Capitol

    In this very special episode of Unconventional Threat, Executive Producer Paul Woodhull joins hosts Jonathan Winer and Peter Eisner to discuss the ransacking of the Capitol Building by American terrorists.

    The discussion centers on Donald Trump’s complicity in the insurrection that resulted in multiple deaths.

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    POLITICO: Why Trump’s Chaos Requires New Guardrails on Biden

    BY RICHARD GEPHARDT, GARY HART, JOEL MCCLEARY and MARK MEDISH September 15, 2021 Richard Gephardt is a former congressman from Missouri and House majority leader. Gary Hart is a former senator from Colorado. Joel McCleary and Mark Medish served at the White House under Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, respectively. All four are members of Keep Our Republic,…
    KOR in the News

    NEWSWEEK: Holding Lawyers to Account Part 2

    TOM ROGERS AND TIMOTHY E. WIRTH  ON 9/14/21 AT 6:00 AM EDT A month before last November's election, we wrote a column imploring state bars overseeing the licensing of lawyers to make clear to all attorneys involved in the election process not to file frivolous claims intended to undermine the integrity of election results. We were quite…
    KOR in the News

    The Denver Post: Gary Hart: We were warned of an attack on the scale of 9/11. No one listened.

    By Gary Hart September 10, 2021 On this, the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on America, much will be written and said about the nation’s lack of preparedness for such attacks and the failure of foresight on behalf of our national leadership.  “Why weren’t we warned,” will still be the perennial question. The…